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During Calling Campaigns, Accurately Assess Buying Authority

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Most calling campaigns require some type of assessment if a contact has the buying authority to make purchase decisions. But how do you ascertain whether that contact is really in a position to buy? It can be uncomfortable if an agent jumps right in and asks, “Who makes the decisions around here?”

Here are some common ways to determine and validate a contact’s decision-making authority:

  • Ask contacts about their role: Knowing a contact’s title is useful, but a description of their role can be even more valuable. If you know what he or she does day in and day out, it will often become clear whether they are the person who makes purchase decisions.
  • Frame your questions carefully: When a contact’s description of their role doesn’t tell you whether they have buying authority, it’s usually acceptable to ask whether they choose the products or services in which the company invests. If you’re sure they are not the correct person, ask which of their colleagues make decisions about investing in new solutions.
  • Add notes to your CRM application: You might not be the next person who calls this contact. Be sure to add accurate information about the contact’s role. If they are the person to call next, your notes should say so. If they don’t have buying authority, be sure to specify who does. Whomever makes the next call should always know the next steps, as well as what has already transpired.

Your professionalism and finesse can be the difference between making a valuable connection and disqualifying yourself as a potential vendor. At Intelemark, our experienced agents are skilled at delivering a compelling message and validating decision-making authority. Contact us today to learn how a calling campaign can help you meet your lead generation goals!

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