An Expert’s Perspective on Lead Generation and Executive Appointment Setting

January 8, 2015

lead generation appointment setting

Key Takeaways:

  1. The typical inside sales rep makes 67 dials per day, but the average “best of breed” sales rep will make 190 dials per day.
  2. 500 leads worked for 1 month should yield 40 conversations
  3. The best follow-up or nurturing e-mails are basic text emails —three sentences, three lines long, sent at 3p.m. This is his recommended format:
    • Hi <insert prospect name>. I understand you oversee <insert function> at <insert company>. I would like to talk to you about <insert offering or issue> to understand if you have this <need or challenge> in your organization. Are you available for a 30 minute call to see if there is a fit?
  4. You are ten times more likely to reach an inbound lead during the first hour following lead submission.
    • Call the prospect within the first hour.
    • If you don’t reach him, don’t leave a message.
    • Call back and try to reach the prospect live.
    • Rotate your caller ID —local numbers get a better response —or try calling on a cell phone.
  5. View an inbound lead as a trigger.
    • The person downloading may not be the decision maker, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the decision maker.

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Michael Kristiansen’s insight:

It’s no surprise that capturing new accounts is a top objective.Many times your best salespeople are not phone pounders, capable of knocking out near 200 dials per day.When the goal is to get your sales team making presentations, does it make sense to work the sales team to generate 500 leads worked in a month to get 40 conversations that may not even be sales presentations?Of course not when you really value the number of sales presentations made.
This is why a trained Intelemark business development team is able to get the appointments set and keep the sales team selling. See what their clients sayto understand the immediate benefits your firm can gain.

They are experts at qualifying and selling the appointment so the prospect feels their time spent with your sales executive is worth the time set aside for the call. It is possible to dramatically improve the sales team’s efficiency and productivity in making sales presentations and staying excited about selling by outsourcing lead generation.