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How To Get More B2B Sales Leads With These Tips

Generate More B2B Sales Leads

Lead generation is always a major focus for B2B organizations. With so many channels to utilize and tactics to employ, today’s marketers certainly have their hands full.

According to the latest B2B Lead Generation Trends Report from LinkedIn’s Technology Marketing community, 68% of B2B professionals report increasing the quality of leads as a top priority. In the same report, 55% also say increasing lead volume is a primary concern.

These numbers don’t lie: B2B organizations want to generate more leads – and they want those leads to be high quality (i.e. qualified to your specifications) as well. Let’s take a look at some ways to generate more B2B sales leads and start meeting your marketing objectives.

1. Use outbound tactics in your lead generation campaigns.

Today’s B2B buyers have lots of information sources at their disposal, and they already engage in intense research before engaging with a vendor. By pursuing tried-and-true outbound tactics like appointment setting campaigns to connect with buyers, you have a unique opportunity to demonstrate how your solution can address the challenges they face. As a result, your organization will be at the top of many buyers’ lists when they’re ready to engage with a company who can solve their critical business issues.

If your existing approach depends heavily on inbound tactics, you could be missing out on valuable conversations with qualified prospects.

2. Clean up your CRM data.

Duplicate contacts and obsolete contact details in their CRMs plague many organizations, leading to missed opportunities and lost sales:

  • Different stakeholders update duplicate contacts with different notes, so callbacks aren’t timely and information is incomplete across entries.
  • Some entries have missing fields due to a lack of standardization, so the CRM contains complete information about some contacts but not others.
  • A contact has left the company or one department has merged with another, rendering existing contact information outdated.

Take the time to fix these problems. By doing so, you will quickly identify new opportunities to make connections and avoid having valuable leads slip through the cracks.

3. Engage your leads with targeted content.

One of the best ways to keep leads engaged is to create content that fits their needs at every stage of the buying process. Consistent lead engagement via targeted content helps you maintain an ongoing conversation with key contacts, eventually nurturing them into qualified prospects.

4. Evaluate value propositions and update them as needed.

Over time, your products and services change. So too, do the needs of your buyers. That’s why it’s a good idea to reassess your company’s messaging and align value propositions to ensure their continued relevance. Ask yourself:

  • Do the messages I communicate to leads align with recent changes to our product or service lines?
  • Are contacts still experiencing the same types of business problems that they experienced last year? If not, what has changed?
  • How can we frame our message to fit the current needs of our buyers?

Before beginning a new lead generation campaign, Intelemark always develops a clear understanding of your value propositions, sales process, and lead nurturing practices. It’s how our team helps you forge valuable business connections and generate more B2B sales leads.

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