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How to Get New Sales Leads with This Proven Tactic

Get New Sales Leads with This Proven Tactic

Every successful sales strategy depends on new sales leads, but how do you identify valuable leads that get you closer to your goals?

While there are many ways to generate leads, there’s one tactic that’s been proven to work for all types of organizations time and time again: talking to a live person.

Consider the following benefits associated with calling campaigns:

Qualify more leads

Having a list of companies in your target market is useful, but knowing whether those companies are likely to buy is even more useful. Calling campaigns can help you get a handle on a company’s needs much faster than other tactics.

Identify decision makers

Not everyone you call will have decision-making power, and that’s ok. Calling campaigns can help you identify the person who does. After all, part of determining whether a lead can invest in your services is to speak with the person responsible for making that investment.

Be more efficient

Calling campaigns can also help you quickly identify leads that are not qualified. Speaking to someone on the phone directly is much more efficient than sending several emails and never getting a response, forcing you to continue to market to prospective that has no likelihood of buying.

If you’re ready to get new sales leads by employing a strategic calling campaign, contact Intelemark today!

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