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Here’s Why Better Lead Qualification Increases Revenue

lead qualification

Qualifying leads requires patience and persistence. You’ve got to keep placing calls, keep asking questions, and keep striving to connect with valuable prospects.

And when you do it right, effective lead qualification results in increased revenue.

Unlock the power of “no.”

When you’re trying to qualify as many leads as possible, it can be difficult to tell yourself, “No, this organization isn’t a good fit for our solution.” But when you can, you should consider it a triumph.

Why? Because you’ve saved your sales team valuable time that is better spent moving qualified leads through the sales funnel, negotiating the deal and closing sales. Thanks to developing highly specific lead qualification criteria, you have avoided chasing after unlikely buyers, freeing up more time to focus on the ones who can truly impact your bottom line.

Enable a smoother sales process

When leads are sufficiently qualified, your sales team is in a better position to do their jobs. On the other hand, failing to completely qualify leads using the criteria you have established can have an adverse effect on the sales team and their process.

Consider the time your sales staff spends on sales pitches. If they’re running down leads that haven’t been pre-qualified based on all of your criteria, your sales staff will be hard-pressed to close.

Their time is much better spent on pitching those leads that have already been pre-qualified. Since their expertise is in closing the deal, pre-qualified leads give them the best chance to effectively and smoothly move a prospect to a happy customer.

At Intelemark, we always work closely with clients to develop a precise set of lead qualification criteria in order to enable a smoother process for your sales team. Contact us today to discuss a lead generation test campaign!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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