Here’s Why Outbound Business Lead Generation Still Works

January 21, 2016

outbound lead generation

With few exceptions, organizations making substantial investments in online marketing need to amplify those efforts with outbound lead generation campaigns. Why outbound? Because effective lead generation depends on your ability to communicate your value proposition directly to your leads. Outbound marketing positions you to do just that.

Consider an IT firm specializing in data security for large national brands The company is generating lots of Web traffic and using lead capture to collect email addresses. However, the company’s process lacks a verbal line of communication, which could lead to missed opportunities.

Consider the ways a calling campaign can help this company intensify its lead generation efforts:

  • More precise lead qualification: By speaking directly to a lead, the data security vendor can determine whether a compelling need exists and whether there is a budget in place. Depending on the level of qualification, the vendor can also determine what marketing collateral will provide the most value to individual leads and keep them engaged.
  • Better rapport: When a business has a definite need for your solution, many contacts will welcome your efforts to build rapport via bona-fide conversations. Outbound marketing offers the IT firm an additional opportunity to communicate with leads and discover more ways to add value.
  • Increased sales: Just because someone has downloaded your white paper or opted in to your email list doesn’t mean they will contact you when they’re ready to buy. By actively reaching out to leads with an outbound campaign, the data security firm is more likely to reach the right contacts at the right time.

If it’s time to strengthen your current marketing efforts with an energetic calling campaign, contact Intelemark today!