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How Can You Make Sure Your Calling Campaigns Are Successful?

Inbound marketing strategies and automation tactics are on the rise, but outbound calling campaigns are still a popular and successful tactic used by many B2B companies. The reason is that a well-designed and well-executed calling campaign can bring in positive results faster than most other outbound channels.

In fact, many high-growth startups, especially those in the technology industry, are turning to outsourced calling campaigns as a way to reach prospective customers quickly, with outstanding results.

The key is to have a carefully designed plan. The following tips will help you to create a customized outbound calling campaign that drives sales and accelerates your business growth.

Start With the List

The success of your calling campaign starts with the list. Make sure your list is updated and clean before picking up the phone. If your list needs some work, an experienced lead generation vendor can help you clean up your database to increase the effectiveness of your calling campaign.

Know the Best Time to Call

If you’re targeting C-level executives, be prepared to deal with a gatekeeper between 9am and 5pm. To increase the chance of getting an actual decision-maker on the phone, try making calls before 8am and after 5:30pm. Busy executives come in the office earlier and stay later because that’s usually when they are most productive.

Identify KPIs

The most effective changes you can make to help the success of your calling campaign are based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) you track. Carefully identify what KPIs are most important to help you monitor how your campaign is performing. For example, some KPIs could include net contact score, adherence to dialer schedule, conversion rate, and added value rating.

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