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How Lead Engagement Stimulates Sales Pipeline Development

lead engagement and qualified leads

Filling your sales pipeline development campaign with qualified prospects requires substantial effort from marketing and sales teams. With increasing frequency, the companies that consistently turn leads into viable sales opportunities do so by engaging leads every stage of the buying cycle.

Effective lead engagement isn’t just about sending timely emails and placing phone calls to “check in.” It’s about continuously providing value and demonstrating that you can solve the critical business issues that keep your leads up at night.

How do you do that? By sending those leads content that addresses the specific concerns and questions they have about your solutions.

For example, if an inside sales rep is communicating with decision makers about investing in a solution like yours, a case study can demonstrate how you’ve helped similar organizations in the past. And what about leads who are just beginning to investigate their options? Depending on the nature of your offering, a highly focused, educational white paper can show those leads that you’re a dependable provider.

Engaging leads with content not only demonstrates your expertise – it also places your brand at the top of the list when those leads decide to make a purchase.

Intelemark’s lead engagement platform, Intelesend, provides a brand new way to utilize new technology and helps organizations step outside the box when it comes to delivering your message to prospects. Using Intelesend, you can send your leads unique, targeted content and monitor their behaviors. To find out how it works and learn more about keeping your leads engaged, get in touch with us today!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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