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How to Generate Leads With a Sophisticated Calling Campaign

Generate Leads With a Sophisticated Calling Campaign

Creating a consistent influx of valuable, qualified leads is every salesperson’s dream, and calling campaigns can definitely help you get there.

But figuring out how to generate leads via telemarketing requires a strategy, not mention a deep understanding of your customers’ needs. Here’s how to ensure your calling campaign gets you closer to your lead generation goals.

1. Opt for industry expertise

No two calling campaigns are created equally and the breadth of your vendor’s industry knowledge can have a major impact on your ability to connect with leads.

That’s why the first step in a calling campaign is ensuring that the people placing calls understand your value proposition. For example, consider the healthcare industry. Compared to other industries, healthcare not only has a unique corporate value chain, but your contacts might have more questions about improving patient care than about improving their organization’s bottom line.

Calling campaign execution should only be handled by professionals who know how to articulate the value proposition and speak the industry language otherwise getting a foot in the door will prove to be exceedingly difficult.

2. Articulate value

The people you contact are interested in one thing: value. That value may come from your company solving an issue they can’t solve on their own, or becoming more efficient in the way they deliver their products and services.

“Articulating value” might sound easy, but that isn’t always the case. A common mistake is explaining what your company can do instead of how the prospect’s organization will benefit by becoming a customer. Consider the following statements:

  • “Our solution gives commercial banks the tools they need to improve customer service.”
  • “Commercial banks come to us when they’re ready to eliminate weak points in customer service and grow their account holder numbers.”

The second statement more effectively articulates value because it highlights two specific benefits that customers enjoy. The first statement has a top-down feel and relies on the nebulous claim of “improving customer service,” which is doomed to fall on deaf ears.

3. Keep leads engaged

During any calling campaign, you will reach prospects at various stages of the buying process. Many won’t be ready to buy, but they’ll want some additional information about your company.

To keep those prospects engaged, have some valuable resources ready to send their way. Emailing the contact a white paper, inviting them to follow you on social media, adding them to an email distribution list – all of these tactics increase a lead’s exposure to your offering. They also give you an opportunity to demonstrate industry expertise and showcase the benefits of your solution.

By combining industry expertise, clear value propositions, and ongoing engagement strategies, you will generate qualified leads for your business. At Intelemark, we prioritize these tactics with the ultimate goal of helping you boost sales and generate revenue.

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