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How to Generate Sales Leads

Generate Sales Leads

To generate valuable leads, companies should adopt a process with clearly defined actions and objectives. Be sure your process includes the following steps:

1. Set the level of qualification.

Define what level of qualification is required for your leads. At a minimum, you should establish:

  • Whether a lead has a critical business issue that your solution can address
  • If there is an adequate budget
  • Whether your contact has the authority to purchase
  • A company’s timeline for purchasing and implementing a solution

2. Place calls to targets in your database.

Calling your target prospects lets you discover whether they’re experiencing a critical business issue that your solution can solve. When they are, you have an opportunity to communicate your value proposition.

3. Ask qualifying questions.

You need to determine the where the prospect is in the buying cycle. Ask as many of your qualifying questions as possible to see whether it makes sense to continue engaging with the prospect. The worst thing your salespeople can do is spend their time with prospects who cannot buy.

4. Follow up accordingly.

When leads aren’t completely qualified, you need to follow up over a broad period of time. You might also need to send the lead additional resources, like a white paper or case study that further illuminates the value of your solution. Then check in regularly to ascertain their position in the sales cycle.

Discovering how to generate sales leads requires persistence and expertise. Contact Intelemark to learn how our team can generate more leads for your organization!

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