How to Identify the Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

February 18, 2016

Identify the Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

Selecting a lead generation partners requires research. You want to choose a company that delivers results while representing your brand accurately and responsibly. Here are a few tips for identifying the best B2B lead generation companies:

  • Lead qualification: How does the company determine what questions to ask your leads? Choose a company that collaborates with you on qualifying questions so that your sales team can receive viable opportunities.
  • Database handling: How does the company update your existing sales database or CRM application? Be sure to ask how the company takes notes, schedules follow-ups, and records contact details for your leads.
  • Lead engagement: What does the company do to keep leads engaged before those leads become qualified? Find out whether (and how) a potential partner will send your leads content that you provide, speaks to their unique requirements, and builds trust in your capabilities and brand.
  • Communicative approach: Will the company articulate your value proposition effectively? Are you getting feedback from the vendor that gives valuable insights into how prospects are responding to your message?

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