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How to Improve Your Sales Prospecting Strategy

sales prospecting strategy

What constitutes an effective sales prospecting strategy? Some sales folks say it has to do with targeting and having the right offer, while others say it depends on the value and number of touches.

Hubspot recently reported that “Before a salesperson has a chance to contact a prospect, he or she is already 57% of the way through the sales process.”

This is where B2B telemarketing fits nicely into your sales prospecting strategy. Your prospects need to be nurtured through the sales process and a B2B telemarketing campaign can help push prospects through the last 43% of the sales process.

In a recently released executive report, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of B2B Telemarketing: Does It Still Work?” Intelemark takes a closer look at the types of B2B telemarketing you should consider for your next campaign and why. The best sales prospecting strategies combine both inbound and outbound marketing efforts, and B2B telemarketing can help you round out your campaign strategy. Some of the strategies offered inside may help you to make strategic decisions about your campaign that result in exceeding revenue goals.

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