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How to Increase Webinar Recruitment Numbers

webinar recruitment

Webinars are an effective way for B2B companies to share knowledge and be recognized as thought leaders and at the same time, generate valuable leads that can drive incremental revenue. It’s an efficient way to get in front of a large group of prospects and is an excellent business development strategy.

No matter how well-planned your webinar is and how renowned your speakers may be, if there’s no one there to hear it, it’s a bad investment. What can you do to make sure that people “show up” for your webinar?

5 Tips for Increasing Webinar Recruitment Numbers

HubSpot reports that the key to getting the highest attendance possible is to remind your registrants in a variety of ways.

“That’s because getting people to attend your webinar requires lots and lots (and lots) of registrant reminders. People often sign up for webinars weeks in advance, so it’s critical that you’re making an effort to keep your webinar top-of-mind during that time.”

Here are 5 useful ways to keep your webinar in front of your attendees:

  1. Send a thank-you email. It’s always good practice to thank your registrants and confirm their attendance. This should be your first “touch” reminder. Some people will hang onto it, and it acts as a visual reminder in their inbox.
  2. Offer an incentive. You could give away free tickets to an event or a free consultation. Also, a contest is a great way to generate interest. You could ask your registrants to tweet something about the webinar in advance and choose the winner in the first few minutes of the webinar.
  3. Use email strategically to remind attendees a week in advance, on the day before the webinar and then again on the day it’s scheduled. This gives attendees plenty of notice and helps keep the date top of mind.
  4. Use a calling campaign. Not only can you use a calling campaign to remind your existing registrants to attend, but a calling campaign can also drive more registrations. For instance, if the date of your webinar is nearing and you don’t have enough registrants, you can start an emergency telemarketing calling campaign to fill those seats.
  5. Make sure to address known pain points in all your “touches.” People need a clear description of the benefit they will derive from attending your webinar.

The Intelemark Difference

We have a proven method to drive attendance to your webinar through outbound calling. A webinar recruitment campaign is customized to your event with the result being one of the most financially rewarding marketing tools for your business. Our level of expertise will help you fill the spots for your webinar easily, leaving you with outstanding results. We’re called The Business Connection Company for a very good reason.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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