Increase Webinar Recruitment with This Trick

May 10, 2016

webinar emergency telemarketing

Webinars can be a valuable tool for engaging your audience, positioning your organization as an industry leader, and creating a positive buzz around your brand. But that only happens when people actually attend your webinar.

For many organizations, webinar recruitment is tricky – especially when you’re trying to meet a registration goal on a tight deadline. Thankfully, there’s one highly effective tactic for optimizing attendance at your next webinar: pick up the phone and start calling your contacts.

At Intelemark, we call it Emergency Telemarketing, and it can quickly work to increase webinar registrations and attendance.

Our emergency telemarketing campaigns start with a list and a dedicated team of agents or inside salespeople. At a basic level, we contact as many targets as needed to get the number of desired attendees to your webinar. The campaign also provides the benefit of increasing brand awareness, identifying prospects that may have an immediate need for your solution and most importantly, helping turn your next webinar into a vehicle that could drive significant revenue.

There are many ways to recruit people for your next webinar. You can send invitation emails, post the event to your LinkedIn profile, or mail paper invitations to specific contacts. However, picking up the phone and placing a call can have a substantial and immediate impact especially if the deadline for registration is near.

If you’re ready to boost webinar recruitment through a strategic telemarketing effort or you have a deadline and need Emergency Telemarketing, contact Intelemark today!