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Introducing Intelemanage: Intelemark’s New Inside Sales Management Service


Building a high-performing inside sales team is tough. You’ve got to identify talented professionals, train them on your solutions and sales process, and provide them the tools to be successful. Normally, organizations that couldn’t handle those activities themselves had no choice but to hire a lead generation firm – until now.

At Intelemark, we’ve developed a new service: Intelemanage. It’s a way for growing B2B organizations to insource the construction and management of an inside sales team.

With Intelemanage, our experts take care of the hiring, onboarding, coaching, and ongoing supervision of your sales agents. As a result, inside sales performs at its highest possible capacity while you stay focused on your business.

It works like this:

  • Building the team: Our consultants apply the same rigorous hiring process we use for our own agents. Through skills assessments, writing tests, and auditions, we identify the most promising candidates.
  • Managing agents: Using your performance goals and sales processes as a guide, we design and customize every outbound calling campaign. We also onboard every new agent and evaluate their performance.
  • Daily reporting: We provide the telephony, call recording and daily reporting so you stay connected and your sales staff reaps the benefits.
  • Enabling productivity: Trying to hire and manage your own inside sales team can leave you overburdened. By leaving those activities to us, you can devote more time to your core responsibilities and enjoy all the performance advantages of a focused, active inside sales team.

We think Intelemanage is the best way to enjoy the benefits of in-house sales and the advantages of outsourced lead generation. Most importantly, it’s an affordable opportunity to increase sales and generate revenue with the least amount of internal stress.

If you think insourced sales might be a fit for your organization, contact us today to discuss Intelemanage!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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