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Is There a Formula for Generating Telemarketing Leads?

Generating Telemarketing Leads

Many people love reducing a complex problem to a simple formula. But when it comes to B2B calling campaigns, can marketers generate leads by adhering to a repeatable, formulaic approach?

The problem with “formulas” or “systems” in B2B sales is that every prospect you contact is different. Their needs are different. Their budgets are different. Even their motivations for working with you are completely different! Making headway with your leads isn’t as simple as placing different pegs into perfectly sized holes.

That being the case, how can you design a telemarketing campaign that accounts for the different challenges you’re likely to encounter? Here’s how we do it at Intelemark:

  • Establish qualification criteria: How can you tell whether a lead is qualified? We work with you to understand what the characteristics of what your ideal prospect are.
  • Articulate your value proposition: What critical business issues does your business solve? The prospect needs to know how they can benefit from your solution.
  • Add value and educate: Send them valuable collateral – white papers, guides, etc. – that can help them make a decision down the line. Validate your knowledge of their industry and the business issues confronting them.
  • Set appointments with prospects: When a lead meets your qualification standards, only then do we set an appointment for the sales team.

It isn’t a specific formula – and it can vary significantly depending on each organization– but it works. Contact Intelemark today to develop a calling campaign that connects you with valuable leads!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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