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It is No Surprise – Why Part-Time and Sporadic Lead Generation Will Not Fill the Sales Pipeline

Here in the state of Arizona, we had a surprise snowstorm in February 2019. It was amazing to see but we were completely unprepared for shoveling snow, scraping windshields and seeing snowcapped mountaintops in the Phoenix metro area.

While snow in Arizona is a big surprise, an empty sales pipeline due to a lack of a full-time focus in lead generation should not surprise anyone. 

Recently we were asked if a calling campaign at 10 hours per week/40 hours per month is a smart strategy. The cost of the campaign is attractive. However, should that be the leading decision point when deciding on the course of action for your company’s lead generation efforts? We do not believe it is and here’s why:

  • Momentum – With only 10 hours per week of calling prospects, it’s difficult to get traction and campaign momentum, which is so important in any Lead generation campaign. The limited hours for calling can restrict either the number of prospects called or the number of times we can reach out to the same prospect. Recurring communication is key in any marketing effort to be memorable – it is important to have the time for multiple contacts with a prospect.
  • Follow-Up – What if the Appointment Setting agent reaches a prospect but he is busy at that moment and requests the agent call him back later in the day? Chances are, with extremely limited hours for dialing, the agent will not have the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and call back later in the day. Tomorrow may be too late, or the time delay may allow interest to wane and the prospect to escape the momentum of the moment. The opportunity could be gone.
  • Delayed Results – With limited calling time, results could be drawn out over a longer period of time because the number of calls and the number of successes may be stretched out over weeks or months vs. days and weeks. If filling an empty pipeline is the objective of the lead generation campaign, delaying success can kill your month, quarter and consequently your year.
  • Diminished Results – A limited number of hours translates into a reduced quantity of calls which means the agent will reach only a restricted number of prospects. Prospecting is a numbers games and with these limitations, it will affect the number of conversions and ultimately your bottom line. If time is an important factor in making your month, quarter, and year a success, dialing the appropriate number of hours to meet your objective is the smart choice to make.
  • Consistency – When a company invests in such a limited number of hours for lead generation efforts, it doesn’t allow for consistency on a large scale. In order to execute a good strategic plan for a calling campaign that includes multiple follow-up instances, the number of prospects an agent can reach out to and call also must be limited in scale. The limited hours simply won’t cover the needs of a full-scale calling campaign and follow-up of a large number of prospects.

Keeping a full sales pipeline is a major effort that needs the appropriate amount of hours invested in the lead generation efforts. Follow-up and consistent communication are vital, and this means that time must be dedicated to the effort. The best way to accomplish the goals of a sales department is to invest in a properly funded lead generation campaign, both in budget and resources.

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