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Ready to Boost B2B Lead Generation Results? The Secret is in Your Approach!

boost B2B lead generation

When your bottom line depends on consistent, successful B2B lead generation, you know it takes a lot of patience – and a lot of phone calls – to connect with a lead that represents a legitimate opportunity. You’re probably looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to make a valuable business connection, so consider the following tip:

Be happy with “maybe” instead of insisting on “yes.”

To be clear, an enthusiastic “yes” is exactly what you want to hear from a target you’ve contacted by phone. The problem, however, is that some callers/agents are too eager to make a target say “yes.” As a result, they forget that “maybe” is preferable to “no.”

And “no” is what they’re more likely to hear, especially if a target feels like the agent is pushing too hard.

According to some estimates, 70% of B2B buyers consider a vendor’s initial conversation and approach to be more important than the product or service the vendor is selling. Your leads want you to engage with them. They just don’t want to feel like another name on your list.

That’s why Intelemark offers a multi-touch lead engagement platform for organizations that need to improve B2B lead generation results. When you actively engage with leads using messages, content, and resources that speak to those leads’ unique situations, you’ll build better rapport, hear more “yeses,” maybe more often than “no,” and convert more “maybes” into qualified leads who ultimately say “yes” and sign on the dotted line.

If it’s time for you to improve lead generation through a smarter engagement strategy, contact Intelemark today!

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