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How A Sales Funnel Strategy Is Set Up To Engage, Educate, and Deliver The Goods

sales funnel strategy

Optimizing your sales process is crucial to closing more business. Do you have what it takes to help your business grow?

Every business owner wants their business to grow, and the key to growth is a steady influx of qualified sales leads. Curated From Hubspot

Michael Kristiansen’s insight:

If your prospect is prepared to buy, what could go wrong? Well that’s a loaded question. How about the salesperson not coming prepared to assure the decision maker(s) they are making the right decision. Any doubt can derail the transaction. This article is directed towards pain points; things to consider that could be causing sales to not materialize, such as the salespeople having ample leads but not enough are closing. Or the sales team is not really receiving qualified leads as intended, or maybe the leads are simply being mis-qualified? What if the follow up to the meeting lacks substantive direction?
The two areas that need attention are strategy and the tactics necessary to set up the strategy. Assessing the sales funnel is a good place to start. The content provided to the prospect must be in sync with where the prospects are in the funnel. Questions from prospects should be anticipated and adequately answered through delivering content that engages and answers objections, some of which are real and some that are not.The sales funnel that continually produces revenue is designed to qualify on an on-going basis so the sales team is working directly with the people who have a high probability of buying.

The last step to lead management is lead nurturing, bringing the lead along through the funnel. Lead segmentation can separate the leads stuck at different levels and provide a set of messages that help get them prioritized appropriately. And lead grading, knowing where each lead is in the sales funnel, helps direct your sales staff to the most efficient use of their time.

Conversations are the starting point to building a quality sales funnel. That’s why using a seasoned appointment setting team can make all the difference by helping grow incremental revenues. Intelemark is excellent at this, having helped many businesses get their foot in the door for the first time ever.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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