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Short on Time? Here’s How Emergency Telemarketing Saves the Day

Emergency Telemarketing Saves the Day

When you’re in the midst of a time crunch, priorities can change quickly. One minute, everything was right on schedule and you were tracking to meet your deadlines. But the next minute? Complete chaos!

Maybe you had to change the date of an event, or maybe a key person on your marketing team was ill or even resigned. Maybe you just realized that you don’t have the names of some key prospects you want to meet with at a conference next week. Or maybe you need to communicate an urgent message to your client base and want to do it with a call in addition to or instead of email.

While a time crunch will wreak havoc with your plans, Emergency Telemarketing can save the day when you’re facing dilemmas like the following:

  • Event alerts: Whether you’re trying to increase attendance or just alert attendees of a sudden change of plans, Emergency Telemarketing can get your message to the right people while there’s still time for them to take action.
  • Campaign launches: If launching a critical marketing campaign is long past due, you can outsource all or part of your campaign to an experienced team that can help you launch right away.
  • Database cleanup: You know your database is too many years old and you want to do a mailing next week. Emergency Telemarketing puts a skilled group of agents on the job to dial your key contacts, quickly verifying and updating their information.

Nobody wants an initiative to fail because they have not reached enough of the right people at the right time. That’s why we created the Emergency Telemarketing process that can help you achieve ambitious targets quickly. Contact Intelemark today to pursue an emergency telemarketing campaign that beats your time crunch!

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