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Should You Outsource Appointment Setting?

outsource appointment setting

Many organizations that approach us about appointment setting aren’t sure whether outsourcing is the best choice. Sometimes, it does make sense to keep lead generation activities in house.

If all of the following scenarios apply to you, outsourcing appointment setting may not be the answer:

  • You have a successful inside sales team setting appointments. You’ve already got a dedicated team of agents that call on contacts in your database, qualifying leads and setting appointments with likely buyers. Your sales team is always busy working only with qualified prospects.
  • You believe it is more cost effective to manage your own team. After adding up the cost of hiring, onboarding, managing, monitoring, and compensating your inside sales team, you’ve determined that an in-house, inside sales team provides superior ROI. You’ve also accounted for the opportunity cost of having existing leadership build and manage the team.
  • Your sales activities are consistent and predictable, quarter over quarter. Your appointment setting needs are consistent from month to month. There’s never a need for additional lead generation support or pre- or post-event support at different times of the year.
  • Your database is in perfect shape. You’ve got a solid process for managing your database or CRM and updating contact information for every individual and company with whom you’ve communicated. If anything is out of date, you’re going to catch it right away.
  • Your inside sales team only delivers vetted, high quality leads. Thanks to a flawless system for separating quality leads from those that are not quality leads or those should enter a nurturing sequence, your salespeople rarely, if ever, attend appointments with buyers who are not capable of buying.

For organizations that struggle with one of more of the scenarios listed above, outsource appointment setting can be a reliable way to set appointments with qualified buyers. Contact Intelemark today to discuss an appointment setting test campaign!

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