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Should You Outsource Inside Sales, or Is There an Alternative?

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If you’re thinking about hiring a lead generation company, you’ve probably decided that building your own inside sales team isn’t feasible. In addition to the expense of hiring, onboarding, and managing the team, keeping inside sales in-house requires a substantial time commitment. To avoid those setbacks, outsourcing often makes sense.

There is an additional option you might not have considered: insourcing. Sales insourcing combines the best aspects of outsourced and in-house lead generation and can be a valuable alternative to outsourced campaigns.

Here’s how inside sales insourcing works:

  • Lead generation experts help you build an inside sales team. You contract third party consultants, typically from a lead generation company, to hire and onboard your very own inside sales team. The inside salespeople are your employees, but they’re selected by experts who do this all the time.
  • The lead generation outsourcing professionals manage your team. Instead of managing the team on your own – a gargantuan undertaking if you’ve never done it or lack the in-house experience to do so – the outsourcing specialists build and manage the team on an ongoing basis. Management includes, among other functions, training, coaching, performance monitoring and communication over an extended time period.
  • You save time and money while enjoying fantastic results. Since experts are managing your team, you can rest assured that they’re following proven practices for optimizing lead generation. At the same time, you can focus on your core competency instead of devoting hours of each day to inside sales.

Ultimately, the decision to insource or outsource inside sales is yours. Either option can benefit your organization, and we’d love the opportunity to discuss which one is right for you. Contact Intelemark today to learn more about inside sales insourcing and outsourcing!

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