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Targeted Messages Boost Prospect Engagement

targeted messaging

Optimizing prospect engagement is tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re using generic collateral. Recycling the same content across audience segments ignores the fact that prospects may be in different industries, have varying critical business issues, and are not all likely to be ready to making a buying decision. If you’re not targeting your message to the needs of each prospect, it will be difficult to keep them engaged and hold their attention.

Instead, take the time to target your message to the needs of different buyers and do so at different times. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • If you target diverse industries, be mindful of the specific issues you solve for each one. You will want to modify your message to suit the unique critical business issues of prospects in different target markets.
  • Map collateral to the stages of your buying cycle. Only send prospects relevant information that speaks to their needs at each respective stage.
  • Consider account-level targeting. Assuming it’s feasible, tailoring your message to a specific prospect can be a fantastic way to increase engagement and ensure your message cuts through the noise.
  • Add all collateral to a single, easily accessible online hub. That way, leads and prospects can view all of the information you send them in just one place. It will be there when they need to review it or forward it to a decision maker for further consideration.

At Intelemark, we deliver an interactive prospect engagement experience called Intelesend that holds prospects’ attention and exposes them to highly relevant, customized marketing content. Get in touch today to learn more about Intelesend, and optimize engagement and start increasing sales!

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