Targeted Messaging Helps Lead Companies Serve the Healthcare Market

January 19, 2016

Lead Companies

When executing a calling campaign for a healthcare client, it’s important to frame your message appropriately. Different contacts will have different concerns, and you must deliver your value proposition in a way that speaks to their unique challenges.

Consider a medical imaging company that maintains contact with different target healthcare organizations. To gain traction with different contacts, the company might modify its message in the following ways:

  • When communicating directly with radiologists, the agent on the phone stresses how a new imaging solution improves patient care and provides faster results.
  • If a facility manager is on the line, compliance, efficiency, and maintenance costs might be key points to emphasize.
  • Executives often want to know how a solution will impact an organization’s bottom line. When speaking to a C-level individual, the agent might emphasize the lower overhead and long-term cost savings of a modern system.

Regardless of the nature of a given healthcare solution, lead companies and in-house lead generation teams must be aware of how different contacts perceive their value proposition. The more targeted the message, the greater your likelihood of connecting with a valuable lead.

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