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This Lead Generation Mishap Could Be Costing You

Lead Generation

Want to know a little secret about lead generation? Here goes: Your organization might be totally oblivious to dozens, or perhaps hundreds of qualified leads even though they may already have a record in your CRM. If you fear (or know) that your sales people are not updating your CRM, there’s a likelihood that you’re missing many opportunities.

Ask yourself how your team collaborates with regards CRM data:

  • Do all of your team members use the CRM?
  • Does everyone log entries each time they contact (or attempt to contact) a lead?
  • When the status of a lead changes, does everyone leave comprehensive notes on the lead’s status?

At Intelemark, we often encounter a lot of messy databases and CRMs with incomplete or out-of-date profiles. Our agents make it their mission to update all of your contact information and leave useful notes about their conversations. We can obtain valuable marketing and sales intelligence that will allow you to do a better job of target marketing.

  • We can gain valuable information about the competitive landscape in a particular niche or geographic.
  • We can customize every campaign to optimize the results for the campaign but also the information we collect on your behalf.

That way, you’re never in the dark about the last time a lead was contacted or where a lead stands in the buying process. Contact Intelemark today to get your database or CRM in order and improve your lead generation outcomes!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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