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To Increase B2B Sales, Lead Generation Companies Need to Get Serious About Engagement

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While the days of an initial call and a one-meeting handshake may still work for some companies, it’s becoming more difficult to reach qualified buyers and keep them engaged until they’re ready to make a decision. Increasingly, B2B buyers are doing their own research with 76% searching for content that speaks to their unique needs and helps them make an informed decision.

Companies must be able to engage those potential buyers through an advanced lead nurturing campaign with content that is relevant to their needs when they need it. It’s time to get serious about lead engagement.

What is lead engagement?

“Engagement” might sound like a nebulous metric, but it isn’t. Leads become more engaged when:

  • You publish content that provides answers to their questions.
  • You segment your content and develop collateral that is unique to each audience.
  • You connect with leads via the channels where they’re most active, including email and telephone.
  • You take advantage of your direct line of communication with a lead to provide them with customized, relevant content.

Leads that receive customized content are almost always more engaged with your brand than the ones who receive standard marketing collateral, or with whom you “check in” periodically.

Engaged leads are more likely to convert.

At Intelemark, we help companies improve B2B sales and lead generation via Intelesend, our lead engagement platform. With Intelesend, you can replace generic promotional material with customized content and interactive tools. As a result, you increase your opportunities to engage leads via multiple touchpoints, speak directly to their needs, and ensure your brand stays top-of-mind.

To learn more about Intelesend or get started with an effective lead engagement platform that increases sales, contact Intelemark today!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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