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Top 5 Things B2B Appointment Setting Staff Need to Be Successful

B2B appointment setting

“Face time” with B2B prospects is crucial for success. A well-developed and well-executed appointment setting campaign is the key to securing that desired face time.

Here are the top 5 things your B2B appointment setting staff need before they get started, whether you’re using an in-house inside sales team or outsourcing the campaign to a professional vendor.

  1. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes your company and the products or solutions you offer stand out from all the rest? This should be conveyed in easy-to-understand terms as it essentially your elevator pitch.
  2. Your market. Is your list made up of contacts in the current industries you target? Or are you expanding to a new market that’s unaware of your solution? This will inform how in-depth an appointment setter needs to take the conversation.
  3. A company brief. In addition to a well-developed USP and having a keen sense of your target audience, agents making the calls need to have an in-depth understanding of your business, products and/or services as well as the critical business issues they solve.
  4. Access to your calendar. Besides knowing your available time in order to set appointments, appointment setters with access to your calendar have the flexibility to look at alternate dates that are more acceptable to the contact. This increases the efficiency of your campaign and reduces the number of appointments being canceled.
  5. A sales mindset. It’s important that your appointment setters not see themselves as merely “appointment bookers.” They need to see themselves as selling the appointment. They’ll be much more likely to use persuasion and influence to move the emphasis to part of the sales process, which also reduces the number of appointments being canceled.

When you partner with Intelemark for a B2B appointment setting campaign, we dig much deeper and create a comprehensive, customized campaign that is designed to evoke the success you desire. It’s why our clients call us The Business Connection Company.

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