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Upgrade Your Lead Generation Process with These Tips

lead generation process

Without a methodical, well-defined lead generation process, your company could be missing out on great opportunities. It may be time to examine how you and your sales team think about lead generation.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your process for generating leads and qualifying them.

1. Refine your value proposition

Have you been delivering the same tired, overused message to your prospects for a long period of time? Is that message failing to resonate like it used to? If so, now is the time to refine that message to make a more compelling case.

You can start by collaborating with your sales and marketing teams to get answers that may help you redefine your message. Which critical business issues do your products or services help customers address? Are you delivering your value proposition in a way that appeals to your leads and inspires them to question their current situation?

If your value proposition is outdated or no longer resonates with your prospects, revising it can have a profound impact on your lead generation results.

2. Nurture your leads

Many organizations lose track of their prospects because they failed to nurture them. If a prospect is interested in your solution but isn’t in a position to make a buying decision in the near future, you should develop a lead nurturing sequence or campaign to keep in touch and keep your brand top of mind until they’re ready to move forward. Otherwise, you could risk losing that prospect to a competitor when they are ready to buy.

3. Clean up your database

This might sound like a tedious and time-consuming exercise (it is!), but database cleanup is a necessary task that makes lead generation more efficient and successful. Sifting through profiles, merging duplicates, and updating contact information can often help you identify new leads that you didn’t even know existed – all without having to set up a new campaign!

After updating and re-classifying your contacts, it should be clearer what the next should be with each of these contacts.

If you need help revitalizing your lead generation process or increasing the volume and quality of your leads, Intelemark can help. Contact us today to discuss a lead generation or appointment setting test campaign!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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