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What Are Emergency Telemarketing Calling Campaigns?

emergency telemarketing

Are you overwhelmed and feeling behind the eight ball? Do you have an upcoming conference or webinar that doesn’t have enough registrations to make it worthwhile? Are you worried about meeting your sales pipeline goals this month?

An emergency telemarketing campaign is designed to help you fill the gap for leads, registrations or appointments when time is of the essence.

Intelemark can launch a customized emergency telemarketing campaign in as little as two days, providing you have a list of targets, to help you meet or exceed your goals.  Here’s how we can help:

  • Get contacts on the phone immediately to drive attendance to your events
  • Follow up with your contacts after an event (trade show, webinar, conference, etc.)
  • Work to qualify contact for your sales team

Consider the effect of calling campaigns as follow-up activities after your event, conference, or webinar. Expert professionals who are highly trained can help qualify leads and book appointments when interest is still forefront in attendees’ minds.

You’ll get quantifiable results with Intelemark’s proven outbound telemarketing campaigns. Call us today at 602-943-7111 or contact us online to understand how we can help save your event, program, or build your sales pipeline.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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