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What Sets the Best Appointment Setting Companies Apart?

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In one sense, most appointment setting companies do the same thing. They place calls to targets in your database, ask qualifying questions, and try to set appointments with contacts who represent a legitimate opportunity.

But there’s one thing that distinguishes the best firms from the rest: The meticulous process they follow before picking up the phone and placing calls.

To avoid missing out on a single opportunity, an appointment setting company should collaborate with you to understand:

  • Your brand: The agents placing calls must embody the qualities and characteristics that define your organization. Appointment setters function as an extension of your own team, so the firm you select should be well versed in your brand attributes.
  • Your business model: An appointment setting partner should have a strong grasp of your business operations and understand how you operate. Doing so helps connect demand generation activities to your unique business objectives.
  • Your message: One of an agent’s most important tasks is communicating your value proposition to leads. Be sure your vendor works hard to get it right.
  • Your market: To whom do you sell, and what critical business issues do you help those customers address? The more your vendor knows about the people and companies you serve, the more effectively they can connect with your leads.

Intelemark collaborates closely with clients to develop a clear understanding of these attributes before placing a single call. Contact us today to set up a test campaign and start setting valuable appointments!

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