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What to Expect From a B2B Appointment Setting Test Campaign

Before making a long-term commitment with an appointment setting firm, you should consider a test campaign. Reliable companies that are confident in their methods should be more than happy to accommodate a test campaign that:

  • Gives you a realistic idea of the company’s performance should you choose to pursue a larger engagement
  • Allows you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated appointment setting partner without a long-term contract
  • Reveals whether the relationship is a good fit for both parties

So, what kind of test campaign experience should you expect from a potential appointment setting partner? Every provider will be different, but be sure your test campaign includes all of the following activities:

1. In-depth questions about your business

The firm you hire will be representing your brand, your solution, and your message. To ensure the appointment setting team represents you in the best possible light, the firm should be asking very specific questions about your business. In particular, you should expect questions about:

  • Your value proposition: How does your product or service solve specific business problems for your target audience?
  • Audience pain points: Who are your buyers and what are the critical business issues they experience that your company can solve?
  • Your brand: How does your company wish to be portrayed to potential buyers? What tone and approach suit your public image and resonate with your audience?
  • Your business model: How is your business structured? What do you do? How do you deliver value: What does your audience expect? How do you benefit customers?

2. Collaboration on qualifying questions

At what point is a lead or prospect a qualified lead or prospect? Only you and your salespeople know, and the distinction must be communicated to the appointment setting firm you’ve chosen.

The vendor you choose will become familiar with your specific requirements for qualifying prospects, and only work with prospects who fit within the criteria you set. This helps all parties avoid spending resources on prospects that will not end up becoming leads.

3. Clear objectives that the provider meets

Some test campaigns will result in appointments with qualified prospects, which is a fantastic outcome! Others will not result in actual appointments, but that might be alright, too.

At the beginning of your test campaign, the firm you hire should set clear campaign objectives to which you agree. These objectives might include:

  • Connecting with a specific number of contacts in your database (age, accuracy, direct lines)
  • Communicating your value proposition to your contacts
  • Generating reports that include certain metrics specified by your company

At Intelemark, we encourage all new clients to find out if your message resonates in the marketplace and test whether we’re a good fit for your organization – and whether you’re a good fit for us.

Contact us today to set up your first test campaign and set more appointments with qualified prospects!

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