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When to Consider Outsourcing Your Appointment Setting Function

outsourcing appointment setting

Over the years, companies have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their appointment setting campaign. If you are currently considering outsourcing appointment setting to an experienced vendor, here are 3 benefits to keep in mind:

  1. Free Up Time for More Sales. When your sales team is tasked with setting their own appointments, it takes time away from what they should be doing—closing sales and generating revenue. Keep your sales team focused on their core competency by outsourcing appointment setting, and you’ll see a much more efficient sales process from start to finish.
  2. Speed Up Your Sales Cycle. When appointment setting is no longer an obstacle to focusing on revenue generation, your sales cycle tightens up because your sales team can concentrate on closing the sale. You’re transforming your sales department into an executive sales team that is targeted and revenue-focused.
  3. Eliminate Missed Sales Opportunities. When you align your sales process into well-defined groups such as dedicated appointment setters and revenue-focused teams, the likelihood that you’ll miss an opportunity is greatly reduced. Your appointment setting partner will ensure that meetings are qualified, scheduled correctly, and can even call to confirm appointments 2-3 days before they’re scheduled. Opportunities won’t be missed because your sales personnel are tasked with too many responsibilities outside of their main focus.

As you consider your own unique challenges to building your sales pipeline and whether outsourcing appointment setting can benefit your organization, here are three questions worth asking:

  1. Are you satisfied with your current results? If what you’re doing is working, then don’t change it. But if you’re seeking greater results, outsourcing is a great option for the reasons noted above.
  2. If you’re not meeting your goals, can you afford not to make a change? Consider the cost of lost opportunities because your sales pipeline is not adequately robust. You’ll find that a viable outsourced solution is more cost-effective than trying to do it in-house.
  3. Why not hire the experts? Appointment setting vendors are experts at filling sales pipelines. Not only do they have the power of scalability and the necessary technology on their side, they have years of experience in deploying best practices to set qualified appointments quickly and efficiently.

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