Why Hiring a Telemarketing Company to Qualify Leads Still Makes Sense (and Probably Always Will)

November 30, 2015

telemarketing still makes sense

In today’s technology-driven B2B marketing environment, how much sense does it make to pursue “traditional” tactics – like hiring a telemarketing company to contact and qualify your leads?

As it turns out, telemarketing still makes a lot of sense and there’s a major reason for its continued relevance:

Telemarketing provides timely, valuable insights that help you nurture and uncover qualified leads.

Long story short, a well-designed calling campaign can help you qualify a large number of undefined leads or nurture those that may not quite be ready to engage. An experienced and competent telemarketing company will work with you to design an effort based on your goals and objectives. They will communicate to your universe just as you would if you had an in-house team, and they will be dedicated to doing nothing other than picking up the phone on your behalf.

After all, direct contact can give you immediate answers to questions you want answered like:

  • Does the organization have a critical business issue that can be solved by your solution?
  • Is this lead actively evaluating options and do they intend to make a buying decision in the near future?
  • Are we speaking with someone who has decision making power?

No other tactics may provide these sorts of insights as quickly as telemarketing, which is why it’s still a go-to strategy for organizations that are serious about lead nurturing, lead qualification and all lead generation.

If it’s time to get serious about contacting and qualifying your leads, contact Intelemark today! We’ll show you exactly how we develop sophisticated, effective calling campaigns that fit your organization.