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Why It’s Important to Crush It in Q1

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Don’t find yourself in Q2 having wasted a whole quarter and now you find you must dig out from behind. Importantly, the first quarter is the time that can set the pace for the entire year – either positive or negative. A slow start to Q1 can dig an insurmountable hole for any company to overcome. Unfortunately, this occurrence is more common than it should be.


So often companies start their year slowly – there are several reasons for that. However, with proper planning now and an appropriate strategy, your company and sales team can avoid a slow start.

  • Does your company find itself “stealing” from next year’s sales to meet this year’s sales goals? This is very common and there is nothing you can do about this now, for this year. However, you can increase your year-end efforts right now while still planning and strategizing to grow sales in the coming year. Get your lead generation efforts in motion now for next year.
  • Are you starting next year’s efforts next year? Stop doing that! Lay the groundwork now for next year and it will give you a head start on your year and sales efforts…and a head start over your competitors. Get on your prospects’ calendars in advance and be the first. Let Intelemark set those crucial meetings for you now!
  • Does your company increase the marketing budget at the end of each year? If your company does not allow for increased marketing activities in Q4, like appointment setting and other lead generation efforts, make sure your Q1 budget is adequately robust to meet your lead generation goals. It cannot be stressed enough how a good start in Q1 and even Month 1 can set the tempo for the remainder of the year. The motivation of your entire sales team and company may rely on a good start to the year and it can be the difference between success and struggle. 

What you can do for preparation of a Q1 Crushing:

  • Lead Generation: Begin lead generation efforts in Q4 of the previous year. Researching and identifying the right prospects during months that are often considered the low-activity sales months (which is a myth, by the way) is a great way to get a good head start on the new year.
  • Lead Qualification: If you have a database of potential prospects, start qualifying these people as soon as possible if they are to be a part of your Q1 sales activity. The last months of the previous year are the perfect time to start so you hit the ground running in Q1.
  • Database Cleanup: What better time is there to be sure you are not wasting time in the new year chasing after your prospects who may have moved on, been promoted to a new job or have a new address or phone number? Make the effort now to be sure the calls and contact you will be making in the new year will be a smooth effort that doesn’t require time-consuming research to stop the Q1/New Year momentum you have.
  • Client Reactivation: Ready your list of inactive clients. You may have not spoken with these clients in several months or even longer. This list of prospects is already a warm lead list. You already have a great advantage with this group of people – they know you and should be willing to take your call.
  • Client Retention: You already have a list of clients who currently do business with you. Why not line them up for business in 2020 and give your revenue forecast a big boost. We have all seen the statistics – gaining new customers costs 5-7X as much as retaining current customers. Lay the foundation now and keep them onboard for the upcoming year.
  • Events: Do you have an event you are sponsoring in the upcoming year or one annual event that your company hosts each year? Now is the time to get them onboard to attend your event or even to make them aware of the event. Get them to register early so the event is on their calendar. Start the communications early because you will want to continue to communicate with them on multiple occasions to keep your event top-of-mind. By reaching out early, you may avoid budgetary restrictions to attendance at your event.

Avoid the draining and demotivation of your sales team and your entire company – avoid the rollover pressure of a bad Q1 which leads to high pressure in Q2 which rolls into even higher pressure in Q3 which can only lead to a pinnacle of pressure in Q4. Instead, motivate your sales team and company now with a great start to the year. Proper planning and execution of efforts now and at the start of the year will make all the difference. We have seen the difference and know it can be done.


How healthy is your lead generation?

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