Benefits of Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies

February 29, 2016 by keo


Should You Outsource Your Lead Generation?

Which makes the most sense? Handling lead generation in-house or outsourcing to an experienced provider? For many B2B organizations, it’s an important question. And like most things in the B2B space, the decision comes down to return on investment (ROI).

In our latest executive report, you will learn how other companies have outsourced their lead generation for increased ROI. The report is called Benefits of Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies, and you can download it for free!

At Intelemark, we feel strongly that outsourcing lead generation is the best option for many B2B organizations. This belief isn’t just wishful thinking – it’s rooted in powerful evidence. That’s why our guide contains numerous real-world examples of companies that have increased sales thanks to outsourcing their lead generation activities. These are real B2B companies with ambitious sales targets, and all of them benefitted from outsourcing.

In the guide, we’ll show you how:

  • Leveraging a firm’s years of lead generation experience can help you increase the volume and quality of your leads
  • Sophisticated campaign design methodologies enable clear communication of your value proposition
  • Outsourcing helps you avoid the tremendous time and expense of maintaining lead generation in-house
  • Experienced firms collect and monitor data to help you gain insights about buyer behavior

Thanks to outsourcing, you can start enjoying all of these benefits! Of course, you’ve got to select an experienced, qualified provider who has a track record of success in your industry. Our guide will show you what to look for in a firm and how to choose one that can quickly develop a deep understanding of your solutions, your objectives and your value proposition.

We know it’s important to make an informed decision about outsourcing. Download Benefits of Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies today to learn how outsourcing can have a positive impact on your bottom line!

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