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The Complete Solution for Selling Technology Solutions

How to Sell Technology Solutions: A White Paper

Selling Technology in 2018 and Beyond

In today’s rapidly-changing technology environment, you can’t afford not to understand how to sell your technology solutions. Don’t fall behind. There are several key areas that will help you refine your selling strategy and generate the results you want.

The nature of sales has changed considerably in the past several years. Your target audience is more educated when they make decisions, and some have already decided before a sales representative even talks to them. They want to feel safe and secure whenever they make a purchase.

Sell Your Technology Solutions the Smart Way

In our white paper, Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions, we take a closer look at the tactics that drive successful sales campaigns and how you can structure your message to meet the critical challenges facing companies and their IT departments today. These tactics include:

  • Understanding the sophistication of the technology within your prospect’s organization
  • Structuring a message in terms they will understand
  • How to position your solution to address at least one of the three major challenges facing the technology industry
  • How to sell to the three main audiences within a technology company and how best to address each of their needs, challenges and concerns

Stand Apart from Your Competitors When Selling Technology

The technology industry is filled with small, medium and large companies vying for the same market shares as you. If the way you sell doesn’t efficiently differentiate your products and services from those of competing vendors, you’ll lose out on many deals.

In technology sales, educating yourself on who is trying to win the same customers you are is the first step toward beating them. The better you understand your competition, the better you can customize your presentations and demos to help your solutions outshine the others. This white paper will address how to do that.

For more than 17 years, Intelemark has been helping technology companies sell their products and services. If your prospects are custom software development companies, network security companies, IT-managed services, IT consulting, digital marketing or BPO companies, Intelemark can help you customize your campaigns to get the amazing results you need.

Download your copy today of Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions and get firsthand knowledge from our years of experience and expertise in the best way to connect with and sell technology to your buyers. Learn how to make your next campaign more productive and generate far better leads than you can imagine!


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