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Intelemark Launches Intelemanage, a Sales Insourcing Service for Building and Managing Inside Sales Teams

New Service Combines Benefits of Outsourced Lead Generation with Advantages of an In-House Sales Organization

Phoenix, Arizona (December, 16 2015) – Intelemark (, a provider of demand generation services, has announced a new service that enables B2B sales organizations the opportunity to have an onsite inside sales team without the expertise required to build and manage it.

Through Intelemanage, organizations partner with Intelemark to leverage their demand generation expertise to hire, onboard, and manage a team of dedicated inside sales agents.

This innovative sales insourcing model offers a number of advantages:

  • Experienced inside sales managers recruit, interview and onboard promising inside sales agents.
  • In-depth agent training focuses on the sales campaign objectives, sales process, and strategic goals.
  • Intelemark experts manage agent performance, reporting, and data monitoring.
  • Growing B2B organizations get their very own inside sales team, selected and managed by a leading provider in the demand generation industry.

“Intelemanage saves business leaders from two things: the daunting challenge of assembling and managing an inside sales team and the often perceived loss of control of outsourced lead generation to a third party,” said Murray Goodman, CEO of Intelemark. “With Intelemanage, we deliver all of the rigorous hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluation that we use for our own agents. Companies that choose this service can finally bring that expertise into their own workplace without having to hire it. Ultimately, it’s their sales team. We make sure it performs at the highest level.”

“The other benefits are time savings and productivity gains,” continued Goodman. “Instead of spending time and money on potentially ineffective hiring and training, business leaders can focus on activities where they bring the most value.”

To learn more about Intelemanage or get started with sales insourcing, interested parties can visit the company’s website at or call (602) 943-7111.

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