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2 Primary Best Practices for Outbound Telemarketing

outbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing can be a successful venture when it’s carried out by skilled agents who employ best-practice techniques for lead qualification and appointment setting. When the right resources perform these tasks, the results can be astounding.

Here are 2 primary best practices for outbound telemarketing to help reach your sales and revenue goals:

  1. Targeted Market Definition and Segmentation. When your target market is ill-defined, your outbound telemarketing will likely be ineffective. Carefully define your market and segment it by precise measures to know what companies to contact and when. Then test each group to ensure you’re getting the results you require.
  2. A Dedicated Group of Professionals on the Phones. Many companies feel that their sales team should not be making outbound calls to prospects. Instead, they believe they should be participating in revenue-generating conversations with leads. Because of this, many companies use outbound telemarketing agents with proven skills and expert techniques to qualify prospects, nurture leads, or set appointments.

There are many more best practices that Intelemark incorporates into each outbound telemarketing campaign based on decades of experience in delivering incredible results for our clients.

We’re sharing our insight in a valuable white paper entitled “5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions” to help you plan your next outbound telemarketing campaign so that it generates the highest possible success. Even if you aren’t selling technology solutions, you’ll find valuable information inside.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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