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New White Paper Details 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions

If you’re selling dynamic and rapidly-changing technology solutions, you need specialized knowledge and expertise to craft the right message that addresses your prospect’s critical business issues. You also need to reach the right audience with that message.

Intelemark has over 15 years of experience in connecting technology products and services with a variety of companies who benefitted greatly by having them. They have created a new White Paper that’s a must-read for any company selling technology solutions.

The White Paper entitled “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions” maps out 5 key areas that you need to focus on when constructing a campaign for this industry. Inside you’ll find how to tailor your messages to one of the top 3 challenges IT departments face today and how you need to understand not only technology, but the business climate as well.

What to Look For

According to Intelemark, incorporating these 5 key areas into your marketing campaign will help to generate more high-quality leads than a less focused campaign will. The key is to relate your message to a company’s pain points and critical business challenges so that you position your solution as the premier answer.

The White Paper discusses in detail the following 5 areas you need to manage effectively to reach your target audience.

  1. Understand their knowledge of technology. Not only do you need to have a thorough understanding of how well-versed they are in technology, but you also need to be fluent in the unique business goals, strategies, and challenges facing each prospect.
  2. Identify how your solution solves one of their top IT challenges. Intelemark has identified 3 challenges that many IT departments are facing today and how you can position your solution to alleviate one or more.
  3. Know the competition. When you have a comprehensive understanding of where your product or service stands in relation to the competition, you can better align your solution to gaps in the marketplace.
  4. Customize your presentation. Each company is unique. The worst thing you can do is to use a boilerplate presentation that could apply to any company. Make sure you understand your prospect’s most critical business issues and the issues facing their industry as well.
  5. Learn to sell to many different people. You not only need to make a case to the Chief Technical Officer or department head, but to the business executives and the front-line staff, all who have differing priorities and needs.

Intelemark’s Core Competency

Intelemark has years of experience and expertise running campaigns for IT managed services, network security, custom software development companies, IT consulting, digital marketing, BPO companies, and even IT staffing. This White Paper is a treatise on how to sell technology solutions with powerful insider knowledge based on that experience.

They’ve learned over the years to speak fluently about hardware, software, cloud-based solutions, network security solutions, electronics distribution, component parts, and VAR networks, just to name a few.

Where to Get More Information

After reading “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions,” you’ll have a clear understanding of the benefits associated with targeting these key 5 areas in your next sales and marketing campaign. And you’ll be able to build upon that success in future campaigns as well.

To learn more, download the White Paper “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions” for free today.

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