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5 Keys to Writing Effective Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting

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The key to generating the sales your company needs to meet revenue and sales projections is to get a sales rep in the door. An effective B2B appointment setting campaign can get those hard-to-get appointments so your sales force can close the deal.

One way to ensure the success of your B2B appointment setting campaigns is to write an effective script that virtually sells itself. Here are the top 5 tips for crafting a successful script for your next B2B appointment setting campaign.

Start Off on the Right Foot

Take a clue from the mistakes of many B2B appointment setting campaigns out there: you need to get their attention with a hook from the beginning. First impressions count, and you don’t want yours to be too pushy.

Shoot for a short and sweet introduction. If your introduction is too long, you run the risk of losing your prospect’s interest before you ever get to the meat of your call. Try to get your prospect talking so you can start asking the right questions.

Ask the Right Questions

Open-ended questions work best to engage your prospects. In fact, try to work an open-ended question into your introduction to get the conversation started.

Questions requiring simple yes or no answers won’t give you the information you need to learn about your prospect, their challenges and issues that can help you target your information better and secure the appointment.

Leave Room for Engaging, Unique Interactions

Don’t script every word. The best appointment setting script will have a structure, but will allow for a variety of responses to engage your prospect.

Structure is important for measuring and tracking the success of your calls, but plan for mainly open-ended questions that allow your appointment setter to interact with the prospect and gain confidence and establish rapport.

Don’t Skimp on Agent Training

Whether you’re using an in-house team or outsourcing your B2B appointment setting to an agency, make sure the agents are trained to promote and protect brand, articulate valuable propositions, qualify leads based on your parameters, and more.

An effective and successful outsourced solution will include intensive training for agents who will be making the calls to integrate your message and value proposition appropriately. Make sure this step is included in your appointment setting campaign design.

Constantly Test and Refine Your Script

A script should never be a static document. It needs to be always evolving based on the feedback you get from agents and the results of the performance measures you’re tracking.

Agents are usually given strict talking points that must be covered, and the rest is left to their own skills in engaging with prospects. This way, they can test what conversations work better than others.

The Intelemark Difference

These are jut a few of the tips and secrets Intelemark uses to create highly successful B2B appointment setting campaigns for our clients. Our success rate is so high that we’re called The Business Connection Company. We focus solely on our client’s business, which is why we’ve been able to exceed expectations time after time.

To share some of the insights we’ve compiled over the years of running successful campaigns, Intelemark created “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions.” We share the valuable information gleaned over decades of experience in the technology sector that can help you with your future campaigns.

Download the white paper today. Even if you’re not selling technology solutions, there are still some universal truths to be learned from this importance resource.

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