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Evaluating Telemarketing Companies? Insist on Real Conversations


Sometimes, you’ve just got to set the script aside. Experienced telemarketing companies know this, and they encourage their agents to engage in real conversations with leads and suspects. Only through genuine conversation – not “sticking to the script” – can telemarketers forge valuable connections with potential buyers.

A tale of two telemarketers

Imagine you’ve hired two different telemarketing companies to work on similar campaigns. One provider’s agents are instructed to only stick to the script. When a target asks how your solution would address a critical business problem, the agent responds with canned lines about solution benefits. The value proposition is there, but it’s not connected to the target’s situation in a meaningful way.

Contrast this scenario with the other provider you hired. When targets ask about your solution’s impact at their facility, the agent asks what specific problems they’re experiencing. After learning more about the buyer’s needs, the agent then delivers your value proposition in a way that underscores the solution’s real world benefits.

In short, it is easy to see why the second telemarketing company was more effective. Why? Because the agent knew when to abandon the script for the sake of real conversations that make real connections.

Select a company that knows how to engage buyers

At Intelemark, we understand how a single conversation can impact your bottom line. We always ensure that our agents have a deep understanding of your solutions, so that they can engage buyers and effectively represent your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our B2B telemarketing services!

How healthy is your lead generation?

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