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How to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

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The most fundamental way to grow your sales pipeline is to be in front of people who are in the early stages of evaluating a product or service you offer.

While there are many tactics that will allow you to get in front of “the right people at the right time,” B2B organizations agree that there is one tactic that has proven to be successful time and again: appointment setting.

If your organization does not have the time or resources to effectively run an appointment setting campaign, you can consider outsourcing or insourcing your inside sales team.

Outsourcing Appointment Setting

An expert appointment setting vendor has the knowledge and the deep expertise in contacting decision makers and persuading them to schedule an appointment.

Making this connection takes skill and in-depth understanding of your industry, and what critical business issues your best prospects are likely to have. A good appointment setting vendor can consistently generate results that far exceed any other form of outreach.

Insourcing Your Inside Sales Team

Did you know that there is a vendor that can manage your in-house inside sales team? For organizations who prefer to keep their sales activities in-house but lack the resources to recruit, interview, hire, onboard, coach and manage agents, insourcing is an outstanding option.

Insourcing merges the advantages of in-house sales with the benefits of years of outsourced lead generation and business development expertise. As a result, you increase sales activity, expand your reach and grow your business (read revenue).

Whether you choose to insource or outsource your appointment setting campaign, both strategies can lead to a sales pipeline full of opportunities. Ready to get started? Intelemark is highly experienced in outsourced appointment setting and sales insourcing. Contact us today to learn more.

In addition, we recently released an executive report that highlights the effectiveness of B2B telemarketing. In it, you’ll learn about other strategies used to grow your sales pipeline. Download your copy now.

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