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In New Report, Intelemark Sheds Light on Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services

appointment setting myths

Is appointment setting really something you should outsource? A new report from Intelemark seeks to answer this question by examining – and ultimately dispelling – several misconceptions about B2B appointment setting services.

The new report is titled 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services, and you can download it for free!

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, many organizations are getting serious about appointment setting. From building inside sales teams to hiring third party demand generation firms, a growing number of companies are starting to realize that appointment setting is a task that shouldn’t only fall to your salespeople. As a result, they’re building more efficient and effective sales operations, generating more leads, and increasing revenue.

But how should forward-looking organizations approach appointment setting? Is it better to hire a dedicated team or contract with an experienced provider? Intelemark’s new report reveals how an appointment setting service can:

  • Help you qualify leads with greater precision and in higher volumes
  • Boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team
  • Develop your pipeline and keep sales reps focused on generating revenue

If you have had previous experience with a lead generation or appointment setting service, your impression of its overall value might range from “excellent” to “not so great.” The fact of the matter, according to Intelemark, is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for appointment setting.

Specifically, the report counters seven common myths about B2B appointment setting services:

  1. One appointment is as good as another one: There’s actually a wide variation in the quality and value of different appointments. Sales leadership must be clear on what constitutes a qualified appointment, regardless of who is setting the appointment.
  2. Salespeople should do their own appointment setting: Salespeople should be busy selling. They shouldn’t be spinning their wheels, dialing contacts and trying to fill their schedules.
  3. In-house inside sales is more cost effective: This might be true for some organizations, but Intelemark makes a compelling case for outsourcing. Basically, if you combine the expenses of building the team, compensating agents, and managing them, “in-house” starts to look much less attractive.
  4. You already qualify leads effectively: If your sales team has attended a meeting with someone who clearly wasn’t a prospect, you might beg to differ. An experienced provider will know how to qualify your leads.
  5. You’re in a better position to connect with a decision maker than a third party would be: If lead generation and appointment setting aren’t major elements of your skill set, you will be much better off working with a provider who has experience making valuable business connections.
  6. Appointment setting is easy: Appointment setting, when done right, is actually a highly involved process requiring substantial expertise.
  7. When it comes to demand generation, cheaper is better: The more specialized your solution, the more specialized your appointment setting provider will have to be. “Cheaper” might get you a team of appointment setting agents, but it’s not likely to get you a lot of true revenue opportunities.

Still, there are lots of misconceptions about B2B appointment setting services. Intelemark’s latest report makes a compelling case for outsourcing, dispelling many common myths and revealing how B2B organizations should select a qualified provider.

7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services is available to download for free. Access Intelemark’s newest executive report today!

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