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Need Telemarketing Services? Watch Out For These Red Flags

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Selecting a B2B telemarketing provider might seem like a straightforward exercise, but there’s a significant difference in the quality of providers in the market. Organizations should be choosy – and cautious – before they invest significant resources in a single provider.

If you’re looking for a new provider of telemarketing services or are outsourcing for the first time, be on the lookout for the red flags itemized below. When you encounter a provider that meets any of the descriptions that follow, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Red Flag #1: No industry specialization

You’re not a “jack-of-all trades” company. Like most successful businesses, you probably specialize in a specific niche or niches. Telemarketing companies are no different. The most effective practitioners have carved out a specialty over a period of many years and understand what it takes to get results in certain industries or for clients with a specific type of solution.

Long story short: Be wary of anyone who says they serve “all industries” or can help you no matter what you sell.

For example, Intelemark specializes in the healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing and consulting industries. Our services also work best for highly specific, specialized offerings rather than commodity offerings. We know where we excel, and we know when we are likely not the best fit.

The company you select should know this too.

Red Flag #2 No process for updating your database

Your database or CRM system is vital to provide accurate information to your sales team. The provider you choose should offer a way to upload data when required.

Cleaning up your database is actually a common value-add among experienced demand generation providers. In addition to updating your database with new information obtained during a campaign, some companies can help “clean house” across all of your contacts and lists.

Regardless, be sure to ask about database handling before you hire a provider. If they aren’t in a position to keep your records up-to-date, they’re probably not a good fit for you.

Red Flag #3 Agents are paid on commission

Why wouldn’t a telemarketing company pay its agents on commission? That’s what sales is all about, right?

It’s common for some telemarketing companies to give agents a commission on the leads they generate, but we have a different philosophy. Commission-based lead generation compels agents to identify as many leads as possible. And while that might sound like a great thing, it often results in a lot of “leads” that aren’t really qualified.

Red Flag #4 No test campaigns

A quality provider wants clients that are a good fit for their business model. They’re not interested in attracting as many companies as possible – they understand that quality trumps quantity, and they set up test campaigns with new clients to get a feel for how things will go.

A test campaign is a win-win for you and your prospective telemarketing provider. You’ll gain a sense of the results you’re likely to enjoy from a larger engagement, and the provider will offer valuable insight into your marketplace.

At Intelemark, we insist on staging test campaigns with every new client. A test campaign is an opportunity for us to see what it’s like working with you (and you with us) and determine whether we’d like to continue working together over the long term. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to bring value to B2B organizations in the industries we serve. Test campaigns help us do that. At the end of every test Intelemark does, the objective is to understand the metrics of a professional calling campaign into the niche you serve.

If you’re ready to discuss a test campaign with a proven, reliable provider of B2B telemarketing services, contact us today!

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