New Executive Report Dispels Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services

May 26, 2016

Intelemark 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services

Our latest executive report is now available! In 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services, we deliver a comprehensive rundown of some of the most common misconceptions surrounding outsourced appointment setting. Download the report for free today!

All too often, B2B companies that could benefit from working with an appointment setting provider opt not to, their reservations are based on false impressions about the value of the service! That’s why we wrote this report – to debunk some common myths about appointment setting and show you how to identify an outsourced service that gets results.

The latest report tackles common fallacies, such as:

  • An appointment from one service is just as good as an appointment from another service.
  • All salespeople should be setting their own appointments.
  • Building your own inside sales team is always the most cost effective option.
  • Our current qualification parameters are sufficient.
  • If we can’t connect with a decision maker, an outsourced firm won’t be able to do it either.
  • Appointment setting is a simple task, and virtually anyone can do it.
  • A cheap service provider is nearly always just as good as a more expensive one.

In this report, we address these statements one by one. We’ll also provide tips on improving your lead generation and appointment setting results, whether you keep those activities in house or outsource to an experienced service provider.

To start optimizing appointment setting at your organization, download 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services today!