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New White Paper Analyzes the Benefits of Outsourcing or Insourcing Your Inside Sales Team

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In the past, B2B organizations had two options when it came to inside sales. They could either build an in-house team or outsource to a third party. Now there’s a new concept, known as insourcing, that’s shattering that “one or the other” paradigm.

In a new white paper entitled Benefits of Insourcing or Outsourcing an Inside Sales Team, Intelemark, a Phoenix-based demand generation company, shows just how effective insourcing can be. The white paper also provides an in-depth look at outsourcing for B2B lead generation and appointment setting, revealing when it makes the most sense for organizations to rely on a dedicated provider.

When insourcing makes sense

According to Intelemark, insourcing offers the best of both worlds for many companies that are on the fence about how to structure their inside sales operation. Insourcing, of course, refers to the process of using a qualified insourcing vendor to build, train, coach and manage an in-house inside sales team. The team is yours, but it’s managed by your insourcing partner.

Insourcing allows companies to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, such as:

  • Established, proven processes for recruiting, hiring, onboarding and managing the inside sales team
  • Expert training from an experienced provider
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and reporting activities

As a bonus, organizations can play a more influential, collaborative role in the lead generation or appointment setting process and build a team that’s completely focused on just their brand. For organizations whose leadership lacks lead generation expertise or for whom building and managing a high-performing inside sales team would be overly time-consuming or expensive, insourcing holds significant promise.

Another benefit, according to Intelemark, is the potential for transition. There could come a point where a company wants to manage its inside sales team on its own. If a company uses insourcing to establish protocol for building and managing the team, it could one day be in a position to assume management of the team itself.

Outsourcing still works, too

While insourcing is a relatively new option, outsourcing remains a more viable option for many companies. To be sure, many of the benefits are the same. Companies can choose insourcing or outsourcing for lead generation when they want to leverage others’ marketing expertise and devote more time to their own core competencies.

However, outsourcing is still the preferred option in some circumstances:

  • When the need for inside sales is temporary, such as a campaign that occurs within a limited time frame
  • When it’s more cost effective for a company not to hire its own inside sales agents, even if they’re only temporary hires
  • When the organization doesn’t have time to collaborate with the insourcing team to achieve the desired objectives, such as setting the level of qualifications

For organizations that find themselves in those circumstances, Intelemark’s latest white paper explains why outsourcing might be the more advantageous option. Lead generation, after all, is challenging, and building a proprietary inside sales team isn’t right for every company, even if you hire a third party to manage it.

After reading Benefits of Insourcing or Outsourcing an Inside Sales Team, you will develop a clear understanding of the benefits of outsourcing and insourcing. You’ll also be able to decide which option makes the most sense for your organization.

To learn more about insourcing and outsourcing for lead generation and appointment setting, download Intelemark’s latest white paper today!

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