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New White Paper Details 5 Things You Need to Consider When Selling to Healthcare Providers

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If you’re selling to the rapidly-changing healthcare industry, you need specialized knowledge and expertise to craft the right message that addresses critical business issues. You also need to reach the right audience with that message.

Intelemark has many years of experience in connecting your sales team with a variety of healthcare providers who need your products and/or services. Intelemark has created a new white paper that’s a must-read for anyone who plans on selling to the healthcare industry.

The white paper entitled “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling to Healthcare Providers” maps out 5 key areas that you need to focus on when devising a campaign for the healthcare industry. In the white paper, you’ll find how to tailor your messages to one of the industry’s top 3 challenges today and how federal regulations about privacy and electronic information can affect your marketing strategy.

What to Look For

According to Intelemark, incorporating these 5 key areas into your sales approach can help generate more high quality leads. The key is to relate your message to a healthcare provider’s critical business issues so that you position your solution as the answer.

The white paper discusses the following 5 areas you need to address in order to affectively sell to your target audience.

  1. Shift to Value-Based Solutions. To sell into the healthcare industry, you need to turn the conversation to a discussion of providing value-driven healthcare that impacts all stakeholders.
  2. Attach Your Solution to the Healthcare Provider’s Top Challenges. Intelemark has identified 3 challenges that healthcare providers are facing today and how you can position your solution to address one or more.
  3. Understand Their Longer Sales Cycle. There are typically 3 phases to a healthcare provider’s buying process. You must align your sales process with their buying process to succeed.
  4. Understand How Regulations and Privacy Guidelines Affect Healthcare Providers’ Decisions. From HIPAA to HITECH, sales organizations must be aware of the constantly-changing regulations relating to patient privacy. Know how this affects healthcare providers’ buying process.
  5. Deliver a Strategic, Personalized Message. When decisions about your solution can impact lives, the message you use needs to be carefully crafted.

Intelemark’s Core Competency

Intelemark has years of experience and expertise contacting hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgical centers, imaging centers, physician practices, and even group purchasing organizations. They’ve compiled a treatise on how to sell to healthcare providers with powerful insider knowledge gained over many years in the industry.

They’ve learned over the years to speak fluently about technology, medical devices, medical equipment, human resources, staffing, purchasing, hardware, and language services, just to name a few.

Where to Get More Information

After reading “Top 5 Things to Consider When Selling to Healthcare Providers,” you’ll have a clear understanding of the benefits associated with targeting these 5 key areas in your next sales campaign. You’ll be able to build upon that success in future campaigns as well.

To learn more about selling to healthcare providers, download the White Paper “5 Things to Know About Selling to Healthcare Providers” for free today.

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