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New White Paper Sheds Light on Selecting a B2B Appointment Setting Partner

Selecting a B2B Appointment Setting Partner

There’s no denying it – the B2B appointment setting market is hot.

In the years following the great recession, there are more leads to go around and more companies vying for valuable appointments with potential customers. Finding the right “in” with the right company is becoming more difficult, and many organizations, rightly, are partnering with appointment setting firms that understand how to make those connections.

A new white paper from Intelemark speaks to organizations entering this market by highlighting ten questions to ask before choosing an appointment setting partner. Selecting the wrong firm, the paper explains, could be a costly mistake.

Topics the white paper covers

Without beating around the bush, the new resource, “10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a B2B Appointment Setting Firm,” jumps right into the most relevant, business-critical issues to address before making a substantial investment in a partner. Among other things, readers will learn:

  • The nuances of evaluating a company’s track record and validating past success
  • Why it’s wise to opt for industry expertise over jack-of-all-trades generalism
  • The basics of campaign management, database handling, and reporting
  • What matters most when it comes to agent hiring, training, and compensation
  • The value and necessity of test campaigns
  • How to weigh pricing, service quality, and potential ROI

While the white paper acknowledges the need to augment its evaluation criteria with industry or company-specific questions, the ten issues it covers are undoubtedly consequential. Not consulting this guide before entrusting your appointment setting efforts to a third party would be mistake – especially since Intelemark is offering the resource for free.

Has Intelemark authored a comprehensive guide? In a word, yes.

Other than a smattering of blog posts here and there around the Web, there just isn’t another comprehensive guide to selecting a B2B appointment setting firm. Many online resources either target the B2C market or lack the substance and nuance B2B organizations require before making a substantial investment. Given the renewed activity in the demand generation market, this guide couldn’t have come at a better time.

For an idea of the quality of the information provided in Intelemark’s guide, consider the following passage:

“[Don’t] take a company’s published success stories or client satisfaction numbers at face value. Use published resources to learn how the company operates, but be sure to validate all claims independently. For example, if an organization published a case study on its website, request contact information for the person or people with whom the appointment setting company purports to have helped. Success stories aren’t just a marketing resource – they can help you identify references, too.”

If more organizations took such care before pulling the proverbial trigger with an appointment setting firm, they might not be so quick to make a decision! The Intelemark white paper is packed with valuable insights like these. At the very least, organizations eyeing the demand generation market should use this white paper as a blueprint for developing custom evaluation criteria. It’s that good.

Download the white paper today or visit to learn more about trends in the B2B appointment setting space.

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