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Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies Provides Best ROI, According to New Report

benefits of outsourcing

Should you keep lead generation in-house or outsource to an experienced firm? According to a new executive report from Intelemark, a provider of demand generation services, outsourcing to the right partner offers the best ROI for many organizations.

In the report, Benefits of Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies, Intelemark reveals how outsourcing lead generation and appointment setting:

  • Enables discovery of a higher volume of qualified leads
  • Takes advantage of others’ existing lead generation expertise
  • Frees you from the burden of hiring, training, and managing inside sales agents
  • Creates new opportunities to use data to understand buyers

Instead of directing substantial time and resources to the creation and management of an inside sales operation, companies can start improving lead generation efforts right now via outsourcing. The report, which is available as a free download, will speak to the advantages organizations can enjoy by working with an experienced, dedicated lead generation firm.

Communication is key

One factor the report addresses is communication, specifically the way in which an experienced lead generation firm should communicate with your leads. When you outsource to a dedicated provider, they will work with you to understand:

  • The significant pain points and business problems that your offering solves
  • How to frame your message for various segments of your audience
  • Unique challenges inherent to your target market and overall situation

Frequently, just going through this collaborative exercise in advance of a lead generation campaign can help business leaders gain a better understanding of their audience and the type of message that will have the greatest impact. After agreeing on the value proposition and communication protocol, a lead generation firm will be well-positioned and ready to start generating qualified leads for your salespeople.

According to Intelemark, another reason outsourcing is so effective has to do with the existing priorities and/or inadequate skill sets often found with inside sales teams. Busy employees are constantly juggling different responsibilities, making it hard to devote sufficient and consistent time to lead generation. What’s more, not all employees possess the right skill set required to generate leads. Succeeding with a calling campaign, after all, is much different from succeeding with other sales activities!

When any of those issues are in play, outsourcing can help you fill in the gaps. A reliable partner will optimize how your organization generates leads, all the while refining how you communicate your value proposition to each contact.

Real-world examples

Intelemark’s report also provides real-world stories of outsourced lead generation. Far from just another didactic overview of “reasons to outsource,” this report actually shows you what can happen when you partner with a reliable firm.

The stories in Intelemark’s report include:

  • How a medical device maker connected with busy hospital personnel: As a result of partnering with Intelemark, this organization generated leads resulting in $11 million in sales.
  • How a franchise-based digital marketing company achieved a 50% close rate: This was thanks to diligent agents who modified their approach based on their experience communicating with the client’s leads.
  • How Mars, Inc. started setting qualified appointments: In this case, Intelemark’s protocol for selecting and training high-performing agents paid off in a major way.
  • How Healthios connected with decision makers: Intelemark developed a multi-touch lead nurturing campaign based on its experience with companies in the same industry.

Ultimately, the “in-house vs. outsource” decision will come down to an organization’s needs and its current situation with respect to lead generation and appointment setting. Intelemark’s latest report makes a strong case for outsourcing, and it’s definitely a valuable resource for business leaders who want to improve their lead generation results.

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