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Secrets of Successful Telemarketing Companies

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If you want a truly successful telemarketing campaign, choosing the right telemarketing company is the first step. Here are some tips that can help to ensure your campaign’s success.

Integrated Marketing Efforts

Don’t rely solely on telemarketing to get your message across. When telemarketing is combined with other inbound and outbound efforts, like valuable content, direct mail, or SEO, your telemarketing efforts are enhanced because of the efforts to educate and pique the interest of your prospects.

Consider a direct mailer to your contact list that promotes a key product or service. A successful telemarketing company knows that a phone call after the mailer is sent to heighten a prospect’s interest will make the mailer more successful. And a phone call after receiving the information can revive interest, answer questions and clarify anything that might be unclear.

As the voice of your company, a telemarketing professional knows how to gain the prospect’s confidence through these critical human touches that complement your other outreach efforts.

Valuable Techniques & Precision

A successful telemarketing company relies on carefully honed skills and techniques to connect with contacts. The foundation for those techniques is built upon precision. Since the telephone doesn’t allow eye contact and the opportunity to read body language, the techniques used must be precise from the very first “touch.”

A talented telemarketer knows how to deliver your unique value proposition in the language the prospect can relate to and understand. Open-ended questions allow a conversation to take place letting the telemarketer to gain a better understanding of the prospect’s critical business issues. A professional telemarketer is skilled at getting the prospect involved in meaningful conversation and ultimately qualifying the person to begin the process.

Deep Understanding of Your Product or Service

Beyond knowing the features of your product or service, successful telemarketing companies understand the unique selling proposition that only your company offers. Hours are spent in preparation and training of the calling agents so that the benefits of your solution are clearly communicated and flow naturally in conversations with prospects.

Successful telemarketers use this in-depth information to establish credibility by demonstrating product knowledge and expertise. They are skilled at identifying a business critical issue or challenge facing the prospect and connecting that to the benefits your solution offers.

Extensive Experience in Your Industry

The successful telemarketing company you’re seeking must have extensive experience in your industry. This is not unexplored territory or a training ground for inexperienced agents. The success of your telemarketing campaign depends on the intimate knowledge the telemarketers have of the challenges, issues, and changes occurring in your industry.

You want a telemarketing company well-versed in establishing rapport and making the prospect feel like you understand their unique challenges, and more importantly, how to help them solve those challenges. This can only be accomplished by a telemarketing company with a wide range of experience in your particular industry.

The Intelemark Difference

These are just a few of the telemarketing secrets to success that drive impressive results for our clients. Intelemark excels at providing professional, customized campaigns to each and every client. There is no one-size-fits-all telemarketing campaign. We focus solely on our clients’ businesses and the expected results. It’s why we’ve been able to exceed those expectations 94% of the time.

Now Intelemark is offering a free white paper designed to help companies create a successful telemarketing campaign for the technology industry. With our years of experience in the technology sector, we’re excited to share our valuable insights in “5 Things to Consider When Selling Technology Solutions.” Even if you aren’t in the technology sector, there are still some universal insights to be gained from this important resource.

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